Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Soup of Change: Don't Miss It

Art, Politics, and the Soup of Change opened at Dinnerware Artspace last Saturday. I am an artist and a gallery junkie; consequently, I attend many art openings, but this is one of the more provocative exhibits I have seen in a while. It is the perfect show to span this historic time in our country-- the last few days of a failed administration and the first few days of our new dawn. Don't miss it! Here are a few images from the show, which ends January 24, 2009.

At the top is Bushilter, a floor cloth by Greg Schoon. This was a very dramatic piece. I particularly like the cross inside of the swastika and the swastika inside of the cross.

All types of politics were represented in the show, including sexual politics. At left is Brilliant Marketing Opportunity by Jerry Jordan.There were many images that included Bush, Chaney, and the hooded prisoner from Abu Ghraib Prison; they didn't pose together, though. At right is The Ugly Americans by Diane Kleiss Aldrich.Another piece that spoke to me was American Why? by Maurice Grossman. Even though (no offense, Maurice) it looks like artfully arranged pieces that were lying around his studio, I like it-- especially the faces lying in the sand.

As someone who believes watching television is a worthless, mind-rotting past time, I had to include Comfortably Numb by Jim Jones in this blog post.

All in all, a great show. If you're downtown this week, stop by Dinnerware and check it out.

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