Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sacred Datura: 2008 Update

My huge Sacred Datura plant from last season is back this year-- along with several offspring around the front yard. The original plant had a blooming season this spring, looked a little sad during the high heat in June, but now is popping back with the wonderful rain we have been having. It looks as if it will have another blooming season soon. The offspring were too small to bloom earlier, but look great now. Something is chewing on them here and there, but I haven't spotted any horned worms. (See the 2007 photos and posts about my infestation.)

When looking around the Internet this morning for other Sacred Datura posts and articles. I found this interesting MMWR from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A woman prepared hamburgers and sprinkled in some Datura seeds. She realized her mistake and removed the seeds. She and her husband ate the burgers. Read the story to find out what happened. (Hint: She should have thrown out the burger meat.)

Also, here are some beautiful pictures of purple Sacred Datura.


Anonymous said...

wow. some pepper. yet another reason to keep your drying seeds far, far away, eh?

taza said...

i sure love those flowers! i touch them, put my face in them (watching for bees), drink in the scent! no tachycardia yet....