Thursday, September 11, 2008

Desert City Swing

This past weekend was the Desert City Swing Convention in Phoenix. It was a blast. This is a smaller event than the 4th of July west coast swing convention than I attended, but it was still lots of fun. This convention is set up differently from the other in that all of the workshops are included in the registration price, but you have to pay to compete in the dance contests. This was a great deal for me because I enjoy the workshops. Between workshops and open dances, I danced most of the day on Friday and Saturday. Photo at left shows two of the champion dancers showing off their moves. Below, the champion men line up to dance in the final showcase.

This convention was held at the Point Hilton Squaw Peak. One benefit to this location was the close proximity of the guest rooms to the convention center and the Lantana Grill, the main restaurant. Although the architecture of the Point can't compare to the Arizona Biltmore (where the other event was held), the Point was very convenient location.

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