Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pollos de Pueblo

Saturday, March 28, Dinnerware Artspace will host Pollos de Pueblo-- an eclectic art event loosely based on chickens-- chickens themselves, chicken dinners, chicken legs, chicken feathers, chicken feet, chicken dance-- you name it-- maybe even chicks in feather boas. Who knows?

Initially, I wasn't going to enter this show. As George Constanza would say, "Chickens? I got nothin'." But when I heard that the topic would be "broadly interpreted", I decided to submit my recent photograph entitled "Eggheads" (above). These are cascarones.

Pollos de Pueblo will run from March 28 - April 4 at Dinnerware. For more details, check out the Dinnerware website or the story in Thursday's Caliente, which I can't link it because the Star won't let me! (Haven't they heard that the web is all about sharing?)

Rumor has it some live chickens from Dunbar Springs will make a guest appearance at the opening on March 28, from 6-9pm. This may be the first time in 100 years that real chickens have walked the streets of downtown Tucson. Don't miss it!

Any, while you're downtown, stop by the Central Arts Gallery (just east of Dinnerware) and catch the closing night of Spirit's Journey. (I'll be at both places.)


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