Thursday, January 01, 2009

Palm Springs: Dancing with My Stars

On most days, you can find me wearing a comfortable pair of blue jeans at my home on the range, but last night I was in Palm Springs, gliding across the dance floor in a low-cut, black dress, my sexy silver heels, and my rhinestone bling collar.

I spent New Year's Eve, dancing the night away in the arms of strangers. As they held me, I could feel their strong hands on my bare back-- pulling me in, then pushing me back. Dance is such a metaphor for life, I thought.

The energy of our bodies mingled, as we felt the music and each other. The ruffed hem of my form-fitting dress fluttered in the breeze as they spun me around the dance floor like a top-- twirling again and again on the toes of my dance shoes-- then stopping short as they pulled me in-- smiling devilishly, gazing into my eyes, knowing they controlled me. As my hips undulated, I pranced and kicked, my silver shoes glittering under the brightly colored lights of the dance floor. I watched them follow the movements of my body with their eyes, as we remained connected sometimes only through the tips of our fingers.

When the music demanded, they bent me back. My painted toes reached for the ceiling, my eyes pierced theirs, and they held me tightly, as I fell into their arms, helpless.

In dance, as in life, connection is everything-- the gaze, the smile, the touch, the energy. When the follow feels the connection, she will do whatever the lead wants her to do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
P.S. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Happy New Year. Here's to dreams come true. Look for more updates (hopefully) from the West Coast Swing Convention in Palm Springs.

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